Start to Exit

How to maximize the value in your start-up

Start to Exit cover

Currently being finalised for publication in October 2017, this book is about systemixing your business, ideally from the outset, with the all-important exit firmly in mind.

Putting simple processes in place early on whilst thinking about what an investor, and ultimately an acquirer, wants to see allows new staff to hit the ground running, speeds up due diligence, and most importantly allows the business owner to focus more on strategy and less on fire fighting.


Contents (subject to change)


      Introduction: on your mark – the aims of this book.

  1. Get set, go – making the leap and some initial things to consider.
  2. Lifestyle or Life-defining? – what kind of business are you pursuing and how might it affect your life.
  3. Mission, vision, and all that jazz – top level goals ahead of the business plan.
  4. What’s in a name? – choosing your company and product/service names with a view to the future.
  5. Best laid business plans – first-cut business plan;  its structure and keeping it updated.
  6. Shares and shares-alike – share structure considerations and investor psychology.
  7. In the beginning – the first steps in formalising a company.
  8. Departments & compartments – organising your company around function to provide some future proofing.
  9. Virtual is the new reality – being paperless and how to administer it.
  10. Agreements and disagreements – understanding the ramifications of agreements and systems for handling them.
  11. Counting the beans – watching cash-flow, taking on investment, managing the budget.
  12. Style police – consistent branding and projecting your corporate image as you grow.
  13. Smoke and mirrors – making the best of press releases and keeping the news flowing.
  14. Social media, daily tedia? – handling all your social media channels efficiently and delegating the task as you grow.
  15. Herding cats, avoiding scratches – the challenge of managing and incentivising your human resources and keeping projects on track.
  16. Bureaucratic nightmares – coping with document control, compliance, and government-induced paperwork.
  17. Deferring to the board – making the most of your board of directors, advisory board, investors and mentors.
  18. Cyber danger – managing your valuable data, numerous passwords, and client privacy in this evermore connected world.
  19. Intellectual property rights (& wrongs) – formulating a strategy to cost-effectively manage and protect your IP.
  20. Sales close to the wind – managing complex sales projects to generate recurring revenue without over-committing.
  21. Buttons, knobs and the dashboard – an approach to staying on top of all the distributed information in your business.
  22. Scale-up – emerging from the start-up phase and coping with all the hormones during scale-up.
  23. Vulture capitalists: Dealing with the devil? – how to approach rounds of investment and some provisions to watch out for.
  24. A sharp exit – negotiating a trade sale, floating on the stock market, passing the baton, cashing in, and retiring somewhere warm (or doing it all again)!

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